Stickfigures are art too if you give them a little bit of imagination~

Pokemon X/Y is so fun and other stuff

like, oh my cake, i can't stop playing it. I chose chespin~ :3

Welp, i rarely come here...meh, sorry. BUUUUUT if you want you can follow me on TUMBLR!!!! :D here's the link!


Right now it's a Halloween theme, and i change my user  name to a halloween style(lavender town because the background story is very spoopy~ooou). And Speaking of halloween! i can't wait!

hmmm, i guess that's all. I have other websites i got to (check profile for more) but tumblr is the one i always go to. OKAY BAI~! -^^-

i feel so sorry for's just makes me tear up about him mother....>//<

Animal Crossing: Melba's words of Wisdom







I just adore how Melba wants a "global change" saying she wants peace. Well i don't just adore, i agree and give my full respect to her. That's why she's awesome.

heh, sorry for not being here so much anymore. I've been in school and i've been playing AC.

gosh i want flipnots 3d

Flipnote Hatena Group

First look at the Communities

Flipnote Hatena Group

:3 first look at the game~ i still can't wait. Hopefully it's come out on Thursday because that's when the eshop always changes up the games and stuff. Plus i'm still confuse on the coins. Anywho, -^^- this awesome!

click on link (i couldn't find it on the youtube button thingy)



StickFights from HATENA~ (broken Video...?)

Hatena StickfigureFights Top Best.wmv

(click on link)

Unfortunatlly the video is broken. I did uploaded it in google+ and for some reason only i could watch it. i'm sorry. i'll try to fix it.

So this is ALL MY FAVORITE stickfights from HATENA it's 37 min. long and i think it has about 35+ of flipnotes, all including the amount of star/color stars earn and who uploaded it. ^^ eheh, i'm a big stickfigure fan!

NOTE: I did not make any of these, please give credit to original user!







^^" i know i was gone for a while, but i still am, i'm just busy with some stuff, in the meantime i drew these two today :D

Yuuma and Alma from Jewelpet Tinkle~! >//< i love that show! if you like girly magic kid shows then this is a perfect anime for you! 10/10! it's so cute too! and i can't wait for the OVA to come out in english dubbed! when is that? = =' not sure... eheh ok that's all. :3

aww... Alma is a bit blurry, oh well