Stickfigures are art too if you give them a little bit of imagination~

Story Prologue ( please check [well if you want '^^ ] )

          The sky was painted with a deep dark apricot color with puffy black smoke all around it. Birds were soring through the terrors of the explosions; running as far as they can, flying to escape this madness know as a war: A war between the independent soldiers and innocent people facing the demons of H.ell. Many men out there were yelling, yelling because they're doing alll they can to end this...wanting their freedom

(skips some parts.To long)

          ...As another terrible explosion hit, the father of the sad child came and dragged him away from his best friend...his family was moving away...
          "The evolution of my new beginning has begun..."


:3 so what do you guys thing? To cheesy? To fast? or is okay? ^^ i would really appreciate if you guys could tell me so i can improve on my upcoming series (on FN3D).