Stickfigures are art too if you give them a little bit of imagination~

Pokemon X/Y is so fun and other stuff

like, oh my cake, i can't stop playing it. I chose chespin~ :3

Welp, i rarely come here...meh, sorry. BUUUUUT if you want you can follow me on TUMBLR!!!! :D here's the link!


Right now it's a Halloween theme, and i change my user  name to a halloween style(lavender town because the background story is very spoopy~ooou). And Speaking of halloween! i can't wait!

hmmm, i guess that's all. I have other websites i got to (check profile for more) but tumblr is the one i always go to. OKAY BAI~! -^^-

i feel so sorry for's just makes me tear up about him mother....>//<